ventusproxy® is a middleware management tool for webservices / APIs that runs right in front of the most critical application servers. Ventusproxy® helps companies running millions of daily webservice / API requests to manage the whole of this traffic in a more efficient and economical way.

Having a webservice is the basic requisite to start using ventusproxy®. Our platform will help you to control, securize, monitor, accelerate and analyze all the traffic generated by your webservices / APIs.

ventusproxy® offers the best cache ratios in the market -through Elastic Data-, intelligent load balancer with logic balance rules, bandwidth management for your income requests based on client category, compression for all requests, security, real time monitoring and webservice traffic analytics. All this deployed with almost no latency – removing all pauses generated by the GC – thanks to java Zing® embedded technology.

With ventusproxy® your infrastructure will process a notably lower percentage of webservice / API requests. At the same time the average response time will greatly diminish.

The return of investment takes around 2 months. The greater savings impact will take place on the Hardware and Software lowering needs at your Back – end environment. Corporations trust so deeply what we say that we have included this point in our service offering.

The main difference is located at the webservice cache. This includes a pack of functionalities making it the most powerful on the market. One of its main features is its lack of intrusiveness. That’s why you can deploy a ventusproxy® cache webservice / API within minutes within your production environment.

ventusproxy® is a platform that has been successfully tested and deployed in the financial sector as well in the touristic sector. Large corporations from both sectors are enjoying its benefits.  But we also work with other sectors like transport and logistics, web comparators, e/commerce companies, etc that are taking the same advantages.

Once we allocate the critical application servers -where it will run the installation- it will take just 30 minutes to have ventusproxy® working at its full performance levels. The installation is really fast and it doesn’t has any additional development requirement.

Depending on the version, we offer a basic support (installation and maintenance) or a maximum level support (24 x 7). In any case – and for your peace of mind – we can assure that the management of the application is so easy and free of incidences that you almost won’t need any support.

Every 6 months we issue relevant documentation to our customers with the product enhancements. New version / releases take place every 4 months. With Enterprise Suite customers we have a periodic roadmap revision in order to implement those improvements proposed and considered to be of general interest.