Founded in 2004 with its headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, Logitravel is an independent online travel agency that belongs to no vertical group, and that came about as a result of a group of web developers applying their expertise to the tourism sector.

Logitravel has focused its business in the marketing of vacation products providing added value to the client and positioning itself as an agency specializing in cruises, vacation packs and coastal as well as ski resort hotels.

Portugal, Italy, Germany, France and Brazil are the markets in which Logitravel focuses its international expansion. Considerable positioning effort is being made in order to become a reference for online travel in these markets.

Business platform description

The development platform is “Microsoft .Net” using a SQL Server database. The B2B services (integration with providers) are based on the intensive use of Web Services.

The number of daily webservice transactions in 2014 is approximately 130 million. To support this number of transactions they needed 21 web servers, 11 XML servers (aggregator) and 5 database servers.

The challenges of this environment

– The increase in both the amount and the complexity of transactions we were performing daily forced us to invest in more and more resources (servers, licenses, etc.)

– Monitoring our system was complex and also required a significant investment in resources.

The Solution: Ventus Proxy

– Thanks to its Web Services cache system we were able to triple the XML transaction load in 3 years without adding new XML or database servers:

– We have continuous monitoring of our Web Services. If something is not working as expected, Ventus Proxy alerts us with SMS messages or email.

– We get up to the minute statistics for all the services we offer to our customers.

– The implementation of the solution did not require any additional development by Logitravel, and it only took 3 days to integrate it in our system.


Our investment in Ventus Proxy is the best investment in TI we’ve made in recent years; we received return on investment in just 4 months.


Our degree of satisfaction with the product is very high, for its robustness, ease of use and for the high performance it delivers. The improved response time on our website has been remarkable, and we have tripled the number of transactions using the same infrastructure we had two years ago.

Tomeu Benassar, General Manager at Logitravel.