On Cloud? We´re there to help too.

It doesn´t matter which model you choose. Some move to the cloud for reasons regarding agility and scalability.

Others choose to not  move to the cloud because they like to keep customer data  in their own environment.box

Whatever the choice you make, ventusproxy® is a niche solution that will help you with saving broadband costs if you are on cloud model.

Many customers see that setting ventusproxy® on top of their most critical webservices applications helps them to reduce the yearly fee on communications.

And believe it or not, it´s worth it to give it a shot, because the savings could be as much as double the cost of the ventusproxy® license.

No matter if you´re on Site or on Cloud, it´s worth to give it a chance when it comes  down to reducing the power bill,

Isn’t it?

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