Need for Speed

Back when the internet first came into being, it functioned with dial up. You had wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes at a time to do anything. Nothing could be done instantaneously.

Fast forward about 15 years and the world has become that of an impatient ogre. If something does not pop up onto a screen within 4 to 5 seconds, it is considered slow. We then proceed to try to find a better, faster working product to satisfy our needs.racecar

With a world constantly in demand, for ¨the need for speed¨, new technologies are appearing to satisfy the needs of consumers. In this day and age nothing takes more than  a few seconds, but why should you even have to wait a few seconds for a server to load. Now, thanks to ventusproxy you don´t have to wait any longer.

ventusproxy is proud to provide a software that that lowers response times for webservers. Within 24  hours of being in operation response times are cut down to 1.3 seconds as compared to a starting 2.7 seconds.

Previously, when you had tried to book something online, your request wouldn´t always go through instantaneously. It would take a couple of seconds for the severs to connect and the information to come back to your own computer. Did you ever wonder if you were missing out on a cheaper room or hotel.

Now with ventusproxy´s software you won´t have to wonder. You´ll be able to view your requests within a second. This way you´ll be able to book the cheapest, best, most accommedating, flight or room avaliable, and businesses will be able to see their requests  from clients equally as fast with real time results.

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