Niche vendor’s main goal: To lower IT footprints

What would happen if you made a huge investment in IT and it actually paid off?


Best case scenario it would allow your company to function efficiently. Downside, you just lost a lot of money that could have been spent elsewhere. The IT guys might not mind this, but would this interest the guys in finance?


Making a huge IT investment would take away more money from other resources that control your business. Ideally, you would want an IT investment that doesn’t take up a huge portion of your finances as well as being able to function effectively so that you could focus on other aspects of your company.


ventusproxy® is one of those niche vendors where you are able to focus more on your company rather than worrying about the different facets of the product. You can start to think more in business language and less in pure IT language. You can stand to get rid of a large amount of raw material (servers, maintenance costs, etc). It´s where the product works for you.


On average, ventusproxy® users have reduced their IT footprint after 6 months of ventusproxy® usage by more than 30% -and growing. That means less money out of the company pocket and more investment dedicated to ongoing business:

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