Need for Speed

Back when the internet first came into being, it functioned with dial up. You had wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes at a time to do anything. Nothing…

On Cloud? We´re there to help too.

It doesn´t matter which model you choose. Some move to the cloud for reasons regarding agility and scalability. Others choose to not  move to the cloud because they like to keep customer…

Does your webservice make you chaotic?

Having large and complex IT environments to absorb customer requests is a bit like being a hoarder, completely unnecessary. There´s no need to have an IT environment that costs you…

Your Health is What´s Most Important

One of the most critical bottlenecks in the IT environment that we’ve heard from our customers is the amount of requests they receive. Checking the health of the servers after a…

Catching up on Caching

Have you ever gone to the store and placed so many items into one bag that it became to heavy and broke. Well thats what it´s like when your webservice…

Upkeep your Webservice: More problems, More Stress

Have you thought about the number of resources that are consuming your webservice? Defining the framework, timelines, and configuration…updating to newer versions…planning the outsourcing strategy. This leads to more meetings,…

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