Upkeep your Webservice: More problems, More Stress

Have you thought about the number of resources that are consuming your webservice? Defining the framework, timelines, and configuration…updating to newer versions…planning the outsourcing strategy. This leads to more meetings, more headaches, and is ultimately wasteful of your time.  It´s as if people think you take joy in solving these problems instead of allotting your resources to what really customers need: agility.Maintain your webservice

There’s a long and exhausting road beginning with the first step of coding.  Maintaining traditional webservices are an endeavor to figure out, not to mention an advanced webservice on top of that. The main question here is… How much it will cost you?

Transparency, easy to use and ready to go: why not give it a try

ventusproxy® middleware solution helps to manage all your webservices from a very intuitive  single access screen, along with real time viewing of your providers requests, and other very useful features. There´s no coding needed, no testing, no parameterization…it is all smoothly embedded within your webservices. Give it a try and you´ll see from day 1 your headaches will be disappearing as well as your IT costs.




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