Webservices: Wise questions, wise investment

We love to compare everything: from what we wear, to the number of followers we have, to the car that we drive, and technology is no exception…Is it the best technology? Is it easy to use? Did we receive the best bang for our buck?  But when it comes to comparing webservices, which questions should you ask?  Let us put in our two cents about what we think may be a starting point for a sound analysis.

wise questions


First and foremost you might want to look at your main concerns and struggles regarding what you want in a webservice:


  • Will you be stuck within a legacy technology environment?
  • Is managing your data something critical to you?
  • Are you looking for a fast response time?
  • Is your webservice receiving certified support and services?
  • Do you need a webservice that stores a vast amount of cache?


All of these questions should be extremely relevant when making your decisions, but we´d prefer to leave you pondering these questions rather than draw a conclusion. It makes no sense to rush when it comes to (dis)investment. It makes it all worth it when your research leads to saving wisely and increasing your customer satisfaction.

Your real move will be to check it out if there are any answers out there that satisfy your most relevant questions.

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