Catching up on Caching

Have you ever gone to the store and placed so many items into one bag that it became to heavy and broke. Well thats what it´s like when your webservice is receiving too many requests at once and it overloads.

ventusproxy technologies software avoids overloading by providing a webservice with elastic data, that holds up to 2 terabytes of data with full performance from your caches. That´s around 10 times more than what other webservices can provide.

The cache in ventusproxy´s software provides response times for your queries up to 99% faster, going from seconds to mere milliseconds. Once the programming is in place it only takes a few minutes for the new cache to start working and you can configure  the key that identifies requests as well as establish rules for times to cache.

 Next time your server overloads, consider applying a larger cache to your system so that your webservice can run smoothly and effectively without encountering computer_smoke any problems.

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